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Top 10 Tips for Car Battery Care

Car battery is the rechargeable battery that provides electric power to different components of the car. The primary function of the battery is ignition. In addition, the battery provides extra power for various electronic car components.

If the car battery plays such an integral role in the functioning of the car, then it’s very important to take good care of the battery. Seasonal checks and periodical maintenance of the car battery is crucial to enhance life of the battery as well prevent ignition blues.

buy modafinil in turkey Signs of Low Battery

read moreHere are some of the signs that indicate that the car battery is either low or needs to be replaced:

  • Dim headlights
  • Slow Ignition
  • Improper functioning of the car air-conditioner
  • Spark in the electric wires
  • Car electronics not working effectively Here are top 10 tips for car battery care:

  1. Firstly, it is important to keep the battery clean and free from dust. To do so you can use baking soda and a non-metallic brush to get rid of any corrosion from the cables.
  2. Then, disconnect the cables and clean the area surrounding the battery terminals and cables.
  3. To remove the battery cables first disconnect the negative cables and then the positive.
  4. Remove the battery cover and check the level of electrolyte/ it should be about half an inch deep. If the level is not maintained add clean distilled water and let it mix with the electrolyte.
  5. Inspect the battery case for any kind of leakage and cracks. If in case there is any crack replace the battery case.
  6. Make sure the car battery is well secured inside insulated case because the vibrations caused while driving may damage the battery. Ensure that to protect the battery from vibrations, you don’t over tighten the clamps.
  7. To replace the car battery carefully lift the battery because the acid inside can be dangerous.
  8. To reinstall the cables, first connect the positive cables and then the negative.
  9. Smear a little petroleum jelly onto the battery terminal before fastening the cable clamps to the posts. This jelly like substance will help slow down corrosion and enhance life of the attery.
  10. These days many different types of car batteries are available. If in case you have a non-maintenance battery, check if you can see a green dot in the charge indicator. This green dot indicates that the battery is functioning effectively and if the indicator light turns yellow or no colour, it needs to be replaced.

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